Thursday, January 16, 2014

Other Theatrical Snow Queen Productions (Pt 3): Sherman Cymru

Next on my theatrical variations of The Snow Queen list this week, is Sherman Cymru's The Snow Queen. I only found one actual production photo and a promo video, but the set designs by Chloe Lamford are just gorgeous!

I like the poster too, by Savage & Gray Design

More behind the scenes than anything else on this one but take a look at how lovely these are. Each image and set is like a postcard (I just wish I could find a larger images of each one so I could take a better look):
There's a video promo too, which I would not have known was related had it not been linked. Considering it most definitely IS part of this same production I'm very intrigued:
Sherman Cymru is currently winning awards for his/their unique approach to theater production and I have to say, from the little I can find image-wise for this one, my interest is definitely piqued.

The Snow Queen production elements and images shown here were from 2009 (I think). I will admit I'm a little vague on exactly how this production works. The blurb calls it an "Audio Described Performance", except there were most definitely actors, sets and the whole nine yards of production, so, apart from perhaps using a narrator, I'm a little in the dark as to what this means...

There's much more  - very different - Snow Queen on stage coming your way, so keep checking back... :)

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