Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pop Culture Print Exhibit: G1988 (West) "Fairy Tales"

The opening reception for Gallery 1988's newest exhibit "Fairy Tales: A Print Show" was held last night. I gather from the brief literature available that the exhibit is supposed to be more graphic (design) in nature rather than full illustrative or "art pieces". These are the images released via the affiliated Fire Wire Pop Culture Blog and various "leaks" here and there around Tumblr, personal blogs and Twitter.  Gallery 1988 has shown about half these on their website as well. I'm not sure how many works will be shown in total but Gallery Nineteen Eighty-Eight has promised to post more over the next few days.
Strollin... by Ridge Rooms

UPDATED with correct title & website link 1/12/14: Seven Wives by Nicole Rifkin

The Fairest of Them All by Eric Tan

Pied Piper by Kim Herbst

In Case of Great Fall by Dave Perillo

Born To Kill by Ross Proulx
As with pretty much all artwork, I would guess that seeing these in person would be very different from the online peeks we're getting (especially seeing as they're considerably low resolution) but at least, for those of us who can't get there to see it in person, we have an idea of what's trending in the print art scene in LA right now.
Red Riding Hood by Barry Blankenship

by Dave Quiggle

You Can Trust Me by JP Valderrama

Snow White by Glen Brogan

Enchanted Forest Product by Clark Orr

Little Red Riding Hood by Rocco Malatesta
UPDATED 1-12-14: “The Once And Future King” by Ryan Brinkerhoff
Although I'm not surprised to see a couple of different Red Riding Hoods it's interesting that Snow White is keeping a strong representation at the moment, especially considering these works have been created very recently, for this almost-New-Year exhibit. I would have thought Sleeping Beauty or Goldilocks might make an appearance.
Rapunzel poster by David Welker
Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me Come In by Chris Brake
The Real Puss In Boots by 
Snow White by Andrew Trabbold
Snow Queen by Priscilla Wilson (valorandvellum)

The Crane Wife by Deborah Bencosme (of castlepöp)
Being a "print show" I'm curious as to how they'll be presenting the works. For example wouldn't it be kind of cool (and memorable) to see a bushel of apples with those "Product of Enchanted Forest" stickers on them, under the print or "full label"/ad?

I also wonder if they'll be merchandising any of the images there? They're doing prints, perhaps obviously. From what I've seen on Twitter and more, artists have been getting their limited release prints ready and numbered for the opening, but I'm wondering if they're doing t-shirts, bags or other things. I do very much like the White Stag, Sneewittchen and Crane Wife works.


  1. This is wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I wish I could see it in person.

  2. Oh my gosh - that White Stag print is just gorgeous.