Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recipe For Forests

"Recipe for Forests"
A while back I posted a lovely photography series in which the subject/model "interacted" with illustrations drawn in white. After finding that - and falling in love with the style and idea - it didn't take me long to track down "Recipe for Forests" which also has a strong fairy tale feel to it.

While the previous fairy tales were by one artists this series is by a trio, namely:
Carlos Gutiérrez (Photography) 
Sebastián Rubiano (Illustration) 
Juliana Mira Restrepo (Styling)
A rough translation of the Spanish text is included below the corresponding pics. 
(Edit FTNH: This image is my favorite of the set.)

An underground stirring reveals the dreamlike beginnings of this place.
If I close my eyes, I can see them too.

This crimson air feeds the senses, reviving the pleasure of falling into inescapable inner worlds.
It reads like the opening to a story, doesn't it? I wish they had written more and created/produced more photos for the series. I want to see more of this recipe.

You can find the set on Behance HERE, which links to all three artists own personal portfolios. 

The trio also collaborated on another forest fantasy project, titled Blur, which some readers may like as well, though it's darker and has no illustration. You can find it HERE. There's an interesting fantastical-dream story that goes with Blur, which , though a little wordy is an interesting read too. Just hit your auto-translate. Being somewhat poetic, a Google-translated approximation still makes enough sense to read and feels magical.

Here's one of the pics to give you a taste:
From Blur, also by Gutiérrez, Rubiano & Restrepo
I think these artists are still developing (some extra attenion to focus, a better quality lens and more control of the lighting would knock this out of the park!), but their potnetial, especially as a team, is high and I'd be curious to see some newer forest-based work, especially with a male central figure. We need more fairy tale images with males that aren't knights! Perhaps they'll be inspired in the new year...

If you like this as much as I do, please go to the Behance page and click the "appreciate this". Unlike Facebook, you don't need an account to click the button and the sole function is to let the artists know as simply and quickly as possible that people like -and appreciate- their work. Let's encourage them to do more in this vein!

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