Friday, January 3, 2014

Fairy Tale Inspired Art by Miss Etoile

The Mermaid and The Air by Karla Rodriguez
It's time to fill up the creative well again, I think so lots of art coming to you right now especially while fairy tale entertainment news in particular is a little on the slow side. Today's offerings are from Mexican artist "Miss Etoile" aka Karla Rodriguez. She's inspired by fairy tale books, Alphonse Mucha and, it would seem, Russian art as well - lovely stuff!
The Firebird by Karla Rodriguez
Golden Feathers by Karla Rodriguez
While not all of these are for a traditional fairy tale (the one at the top reminds me very much of Sulamith Wulfing's work), the others are her own fairy tale inspired characters, for which she appears to be writing stories.
When I Found You There by Karla Rodriguez
Kiss by Karla Rodriguez
You can find Miss Etoiles deviantArt gallery HERE and, as a bonus, she's posted her commission prices for those who'd like something created for them. If you like her art I'd suggest saving your pennies and getting some art made for you while he's still (semi) affordable.
Lotus Beauty by Karla Rodriguez
I really love how this artist is developing - her style is perfect for pictures book fairy tales or animation (or both). Let's show her how much we like her work and help her get better known. :)

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