Thursday, January 2, 2014

Art: The Snow Queen by Cho Yong-Joon

I had a number of Snow Queen themed art posts in mind for December and I love seeing all this art so much I have to share them despite that we're now into January (yikes!).

This set of illustrations is from prolific Korean artist Cho Yong-Joon. It's difficult to find much information about his work but it appears to be digital and the finished images usually have a lovely watercolor feel to them. It's no wonder he seems to work mainly in children's illustration as it's perfect for stories and fairy tales.

Since I sadly can't give you much more information other than to direct you to his Korean blog HERE, (I don't even know if there's a book available, although I originally found the art through a children's illustrator site!) so I'll just show you the rest of the images I found for his interpretation of The Snow Queen.
Aren't they beautiful?

You can find a lot more at his blog, including some other fairy tale themed pieces, HERE.

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