Friday, January 10, 2014

Pulitzer Prize Finalist (& Fairy Tale Author), Eowyn Ivey, to Receive Governor's Award

A big congratulations to Eowyn Ivey for all the recent recognition of her beautiful work in writing The Snow Child.

Not too long ago Ms. Ivey was a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize and today (January 10th, 2014) it was announced that she will also be receiving recognition from the Governor for her artistic contribution to the US in 2013,  in the form of her novel.
The Snow Child - cabin concept (paper cutouts & Photoshop) by Aubrey Williams
The Snow Child by Dyana-M

Excerpt from AnchorageDailyNews:
Eowyn Ivey reads from her book
 A best-selling Alaska author and former state legislator are among the recipients of the 2014 Governor’s Awards for the Arts and Humanities announced on Jan. 10.  
Eowyn Ivey of Chickaloon, whose debut novel “The Snow Child” was a surprise best-seller overseas and continues to rank in the regional best-seller list for the Pacific Northwest, sill receive the Individual Artist Award. 
The Governor's Arts and Humanities Awards will be presented at... (a) Gala banquet on January 30, 2014.
 I'm including the following announcement which will be of interest to folklore and fairy tale people, should you happen to be in Anchorage, Alaska during the time.
Fireside Books - The Snow Child display window

ADN Announcement:  On Monday February 18, 2013 Professor Victoria Kononova will discuss the snow maiden fairy tale in Russian folklore, literature, music and art at the UAA Bookstore from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Russian snow maiden fairy tale was the inspiration for Ivey's award winning book.

Read more here:
Gosh I would love to sit in on that! It's rare to hear Russian fairy tales being discussed, let alone so specifically. Let's hope someone has the foresight (and generosity) to video it and share it on YouTube.

With the fantasy touch and being based on a fairy tale it's not too difficult to see pictures when you read The Snow Child. The initial marketing for the novel included a truly lovely and sensitive animation and the various book covers have been fascinating to see as well.
The Snow Child (setting) by Arandadill
Into the Mountains (The Snow Child) by Cachava
I do love it when people create good quality art out of love though, so it's wonderful to see art inspired by Ms. Ivey's work as well. A very brief search unearthed the included art (credits included in the corresponding captions).
The Snow Child by Amy Schmitt (I love this!)
The Snow Child by Cachava
The Snow Child (characters) by Arandadill
And how cool is this? In her many travels, finding fans all over the globe, Ms. Ivey visited Scotland where landscape painted Amy Marshall was able to show her the charcoal illustration she was inspired to do, full size (how awesome would that be to see as an author?!).

Eowyn Ivey (left) admires Amy Marshall's (on right) charcoal drawing for her book, The Snow Child
I'll finish with a book cover I hadn't seen until today. They're all so different but I would have easily guess this cover belonged with Ms. Ivey's novel. This is by professional illustrator and artist Matthew John Gordon. 

In the meantime, congrats again Eowyn! We love your book and are still talking about it. It's been one of the very few fairy tale novels I've been able to recommend to non-fairy tale people and have them enjoy it thoroughly as well.
Alternate book cover by Matthew John Gordon

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