Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Once Upon A Time" Fan Podcast

Once Upon A Time fans everywhere are bemoaning the fact there's no new episode showing this evening (thanks to Superbowl Sunday) but I have a suggestion for how you can have a Once Upon A Time-alicious evening anyway:

While they're not doing a live show during the Superbowl (some fairy tale fans are sports fan too) Episode 008 - Live Show, Even More Mysterious Stranger, New Deputies and More just went live today. 
Note: If you're up-to-date on the Once episodes you can jump right in with the most current podcast. If not, then go back and find an episode that you really liked and start there. You can download the episodes, including via iTunes and take them with you (eg in the car) or listen to them right in the website by simply clicking play.
There is a ton to listen to and explore once you're done there too. These shows aren't ten minute teasers but spend a solid hour, sometimes 90 minutes, discussing everything Once and they don't just leave you without anything to explore if your speakers have gone on the fritz. 

While I've seen a few podcasts stutter into being then fizzle out since the beginning of the show, this one, and its home website, has gone from strength to strength, showing no signs of slowing down. They provide new content and/or food for thought daily via their blog (with lots of fantastic visuals, like these two - left and right - shown for comparison), Twitter feed, Facebook page and, of course, when new podcast episodes are available to listen to. It's also more encompassing and up-to-date than anything fan-related/driven on the Once Upon A Time website.

The podcast is run by OUAT enthusiasts Jeff and Colleen Roney who discuss and review episodes, issues of story, character, show continuity, details and clues hidden in the background (like exposing Sheriff Graham's last name in the image on the right) as well as theories of who-might-be-whom or where the story is really going - and that's just the beginning. They have a caller hotline in which fans and listeners can ask questions or offer their own observations and theories too. These are played back and answered and discussed by the couple which is always great to hear. They've also ventured into the "live show" zone recently too - which is always a lot of fun (realtime interaction with OAUT fans = win!).

Here's the bonus for fairy tale people: Colleen is not a fairy tale newbie. She is a self-proclaimed lover of fairy tales and both she and Jeff are interested in story, mythic impact and archetypes so are able to intelligently (and spontaneously) discuss these aspects. More importantly, they have a lot of fun doing so so there's no dry conversation that might lose straight-up OAUT fans whose only real fairy tale connection is this TV series. We are lucky to have her and her technically savvy (and smart-to-be-married-to-her husband ;) on our team!

From the original page (they quickly moved to a bigger Wordpress site):

This Once Upon a Time podcast is a fan podcast, and is not an official ABC podcast, nor are we affiliated with ABC TV in any way. 
The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA. Jeff is a fan of Lost, Star Wars and fiction writing. Colleen is a fan of Lost, all things Disney and Fairy Tales. Together they bring a fresh view of ABC’s hit show starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla and others. 
The show will offer thoughts, reviews and in-depth analysis of Once Upon a Time, as well as fun. We hope you enjoy the show, but what makes this show better is input from you.

A little bit of extra-cool the site has recently incorporated is the Storybrooke business page (which in real life is the town of Steveston, in Vancouver) using Google maps and laying out references of locations used for key moments in the show. If you're a OAUT fan it's a must-see and can help support the people and counterpart businesses of Steveston (who've been invaded by lost fairy tale people and have to deal with other inconveniences of being home to a popular TV production!). Click HERE to see the locations and stores (plus all the local information) and make sure you click on the images. It's really quite fascinating and makes me wonder what OAUT might have used if they took over my area.

Happy listening and have a great (Superbowl) Sunday!


  1. Nice job on the post. The podcast is terrific and I love the show. Jeff and Colleen are a lot of fun to listen too. Your right the podcast is done well. It is refreshing to have a show like Once Upon A Time on TV these days where all there is is reality shows and sports. Nice to have the change, I hope the show has a long run and the podcast too. Their sit is nice and full of info. (Maid Maleen)

  2. I cannot properly put into words what this post means to me and the faithful listeners of our podcast. Thank you really doesn't seem enough to say enough. I am touched that you would take the time to take such a thoughtful look at our podcast/site/forum. Your review is the most thorough and beautifully written review I have ever read. I will never forget your kindness to me, the podcast and the faithful listeners that gather around with us every week to enjoy OUAT together. I have taken a close look at your site and am thoroughly impressed with it, as well. I have written a post on our site and am sending our listeners/readers here to take a wonderful journey through you wonderful work here. Thank you so much. This post has made this day a very special one for me, and I will never forget it.

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