Monday, February 13, 2012

Once Upon A Blog Joins Pinterest

After doing some research, I've decided to have Once Upon A Blog branch out a little and join Pinterest. 

My concern about joining anything is that my time is very limited and posting regularly here is already a big challenge. Having said that I think having a Pinterest account is not only very manageable but might be beneficial to Once Upon A Blog readers.

So here it is:
(click above to go straight there)
I'm including soe screenshots of the boards as they are right now (note: most boards have far more images than are shown in the preview).

I don't ever intend to have a definite collection of anything pinned there: not of illustrations per tale, nor best books for students of fairy tales, nor most recommended picture books. Heidi Anne Heiner already has most of this information collected and easily searchable at SurLaLune. My aim in having the blog is to supplement and support the phenomenal work she's already done there and on her own daily blog by bringing you news you may not have seen, or link you to new and different art, books, projects or products I've found. My aim in having Pinterest boards is to link you visually to resources, ideas and inspirations and to better enhance your "fairy tale life".
I am just starting there (I've only been on it a day and a half - and it's taken all my computer time so blogging has been a little light sorry!) and have very quickly put together some boards so you'd have some fun exploring straight away. In the interest of speed, a lot of my "pinning" has initially been within the Pinterest community so I've speedily "re-pinned" entries into my own categories of boards without much, if any commentary of my own. This means I have a bit of catching up to do to update credits for illustrations and photos so, for the most part, most of the comments you read below the pictures aren't mine (and I can't promise when I will be getting to them, just that I intend to). Enchanted Conversation is also on Pinterest (Kate Wolford's interest is the reason I looked into getting an account in the first place) and you'll see her boards are beautifully informative in addition to being lovely and interesting collections.

I will definitely be adding boards in the future, particularly to break up the books boards and make them easier to navigate. Right now all fiction and reference books are together and only being kept separate from picture books. I don't intend it to remain that way! I also have pinned whatever I happened to find first - there's no priority order there so if you think a book is missing, it probably is. I have a lot to add - and that's only regarding books I like and happily recommend. A proper definitive board/list would be... HUGE! 

The "tales" boards are not meant to be (again) definitive illustration collections. I'm putting together images I either really like or find interesting and unusual. Hopefully you'll always be able to discover something new among them.

You're welcome to follow me there, to "like" and/or comment, or, better still, you can make your own boards and help build more of a fairy tale community there. There are obviously quite a few fairy tale readers and enthusiasts on there already who've built a generous collection of magical boards to browse. I've tried to have the Once Upon A Blog boards be a little different to these (hence the "fairy tale colors" series) but there will always be some overlap. That's one of the wonderful things, though. If you're fascinated by crowns, for instance, you can make a whole board of them and we can all visit, appreciate and enjoy, while someone else might be completely focused on animals in fairy tales.
So, consider the Once Upon A Blog Pinterest boards a place to browse for fun magic and inspiration. Expect to find many side paths and don't feel you need to explore them all. I'm a very visual person so I enjoy things like mood boards and images collected on a theme. This Pinterest account will reflect that. It's also intentionally personal so you'll be getting a better glimpse at the kinds of things that make this fairy tale enthusiast tick, including on subjects not directly within fairy tale circles. :)



  1. OH my goodness gracious, you have the BEST collection! I am so glad you shared! I'm now following you (my username is Oloriel, no pressure to follow back, just wanted to let you know). My productive day is out the window!

  2. Woweee you've done so much already. I've just started following you too. :-)