Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Mirror Mirror" Behind-the-Scenes Tour

This couldn't be more different to Snow White and the Huntsman, in case anyone still had any doubts. The above photo looks quite Pre-Raphaelite, although that isn't the tone of the rest of the released images.

I always like behind-the-scenes information - whether it be of a book, movie or theatrical production. The creative process combined with the grunt work and technical requirements can give quite a bit of insight into how a story (in this case a fairy tale) was approached. Although most behind-the-scenes videos released now are for marketing purposes I can usually find some little bit of information that's interesting.

From the interview/tour:
"This is the classic, iconic dwarves' house, as you can tell by the little things around," Lily said. "So much goes on in this house. Everything from the iconic waking up scene with the dwarves and I [to] Armie—imagine Armie, how tall he is, he is in here quite a bit."

The video, with short accompanying article is from HERE, which also links you to more promo pictures from the movie. Mirror Mirror is set to be released on March 30.

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