Sunday, February 19, 2012

Influential Fairy Tale People Board Up On Pinterest

I've snatched minutes here and there over the past week to continue building boards at Pinterest and my latest one is for Influential Fairy Tale People.

I'd like to know the faces behind names so familiar to me so I've put them all together into a single board. Some of the images took a little hunting! (Apparently our much loved Heidi Anne Heiner of SurLaLune only ever appears as a gorgeous illustration or sweet silhouette... ;)

As with all the other boards, it's a work in progress so there's a good chance I'm missing some important people, but it includes: Writers, researchers, filmmakers, artists, advocates, collectors, recorders & preservers - past and present. There are currently 39 people there but I know there should be more.

I'm open to suggestions but please know I'm not aiming to put EVERY writer who has ever written on fairy tales here - just those who have had (and have) a wide-reaching influence. 

The link is HERE.

Enjoy, and if you ever bump into one, thank them for us all, will you?

Note: I haven't included illustrators in general because that list is so huge they could have their own board (or two or three!). I'll tackle that another day...


  1. Kate Bernheimer is on my dissertation committee. She's lovely.

  2. Wow! I subscribe to your blog, and I happened to follow your Pinterest boards without realizing you were the same person!

  3. @Amanda A - Lucky you! I'd love to work with her. She seems both excellent at what she does as well as down-to-earth and encouraging.
    @Megan Reichelt - *high 5's* :)

    PS I'm always adding more people to the board as I think of them so keep checking back.