Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dance Theater: Company XIV presents Snow White

I saw these videos for the first time recently and though the show is well past, I thought they would still be of much interest to fairy tale people - especially so that you can keep an eye out in case they produce this show again (which, likely they will, with it selling out).

The company is called Company XIV and they are a multi-media, multi-disciplinary performance dance-theater group. (I'm sure there's a neater way of saying that but this way you get the idea of what's involved.)

Company XIVs version of Snow White is a baroque infused show for all ages inspired by the Brothers Grimm version of the fairy tale. Just in time for the holiday season, the lavish production features opera, dance, puppetry and fun for the entire family. The baroque opera trio Charities joins the cast, providing haunting and beautiful arias by Handel and Bellini as well as Yiddish folk songs and original compositions. Appropriate for all ages.
Here are two trailers, which I believe are from their most recent production that finished showing in January this year. The videos were uploaded a month ago. (I apologize for using Vimeo for those who have trouble with it. These don't seem to be available on YouTube):

Choreographed,conceived,& directed by AUSTIN McCORMICK 
“Austin McCormick’s company are an accomplished, versatile ensemble with serious circus, dance and singing skills.”– The Herald (UK)

Here's another trailer from YouTube, which, although different and from 2009 and appears to be a slightly different version (I think the image above is the poster for it) still gives you a good idea of the type of performance and production it is.

From their website, which helps shed a little more light on the sort of show it is:

Company XIV presents a re-imagining of their critically acclaimed sold out hit for the entire family inspired by the brothers Grimm fairytale: SNOW WHITE.
“How can a theatrical approach be both resolutely traditional and irreverently avant-garde? The border between those extremes is exactly where Company XIV dances — sometimes en pointe, sometimes with folk-infused boot stomps — in its fascinating new ”Snow White.”
–The New York Times
“McCormick’s imaginative work ignores boundaries between various theatrical, musical, and choreographic genres and ventures boldly into myriad aesthetic territories….saucy and stylish avant-garde musical theater at its finest.”
– Back Stage NY
“Austin McCormick has manipulated the sugary sweet tale of benevolent dwarfs, innocence and true love into a vibrant tale that has intrigue, nuance, and titillating double entendre, while still remaining a dance/theatre work that parents can take their children to.”
–Stage and Cinema
This is exactly the type of theater I expected to be involved with today (had I not made a detour into animation). I wish I could have seen it live.

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