Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Dorothy and the Witches of Oz"

Opening this Friday, February 17, we have a new Oz story opening in select theaters. It's not a proper retelling of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz but more of a reverse-Oz story. This time, Dorothy Gale is a descendant of the "Oz books author" (I didn't see any mention of Baum's name but I presume that's who they mean) and a children's author herself.

From Big Hollywood:
Dorothy and the Witches of Oz,” opening in select theaters Friday Feb. 17, asks what would happen if some of the magical, mystical creatures from Oz ended up in our own dimension? 
The answer, in “glorious 2d” says the trailer, looks like the kind of fantasy young and old alike might enjoy given its PG rating.
The film stars Paulie Rojas (“The Last Resort”) as Dorothy, plus Christopher Lloyd, Billy Boyd, Mia Sara (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) and Lance Henriksen (“Aliens”). The new “Oz” follows children’s storyteller Dorothy Gale who learns that some of her most colorful tales are actually based on real, suppressed memories.

Yep. Oz in reverse, meaning, the Oz characters come to Dorothy, rather than her going to them, but they're still coming from the same places (just like the MGM movie). And the flying moneys come to us!

Here's a little more of a look, with some behind-the-scenes as well:

And did you notice? Mia Sara is finally in another fantasy movie (all those Legend fans can shout "Hurrah!"). There's even a nod to "Wicked" in there. I admit, I'm curious...


  1. This came out as a two part straight to DVD release titled 'The Witches Of Oz', and I believe it was possibly shown on US television(?). The effects were shocking however as an 'Oz' fan, was also drawn to it. The story was a bit long.

    So, it has been cleaned up, freshened up and shortened for a cinema release. I did enjoy the first version, but know this is now going to be amazing!

  2. It looks promising, will definitely have to see it. Thanks for this post!

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  4. Looks interesting. Some great actors in there.
    Side note: Anyone have any idea what this girl above me is talking about? XD

  5. I've seen this movie and it was not very well made. Some interesting concepts that are drawn from the original books, but overall, NOT theater-worthy by a long shot!

  6. I gather this was shown on Syfy at some point and was supposed to be cleaned up (maybe footage added to??) for a theatrical release. Haven't heard anything more since its release. Curious to see how they handled some things but probably won't go out of my way to find it.

  7. Hey Fairytales-

    Wicked Witch from 'Dorothy and the Witches of Oz' here! Yes, the theatrical is fantastic...promise! For those that saw the longer version, this was the one that the creatives were never behind. After several battles, we worked away without their support to create the movie we wanted and successfully got it into theaters. For more info, go to