Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Article & Promo Roundup On Pixar's "Brave"

Brave textural poster by Peter Moxom
With the release of a new trailer, new poster and a TV spot comes more from behind-the-scenes of Brave, as Pixar begin ramping up the publicity in time to get everyone excited for the June release (which is clearly working if you take a peek around at the fan art and Tumblr accounts already dedicated to Brave and lead-character Merida).

Here's the new TV spot:

And here are a few of the articles released in the last week or so:

* Super cool behind-the-scenes Pixar's Brave Concept Art And Sculptures (Images and Video, including storyboard shots) from the Disney's Hollywood Studios display, that's a must-see for anyone who likes to see how these films come together. It also gives you a hint of what went into the movie, even if you don't end up seeing it on the big screen. Here are just a few:

On inspiration for the story, setting and how OK creator Brenda Chapman is with not directing her story. Also a note on Scottish folk tale influence: Inspiration for Pixar's fairytale Brave came from director's 'strong-willed' daughter
(On the folk tales:) Despite the makers of Brave claiming a passion for Scottish legends, insiders say the Caledonian influence is a bit hit and miss. One studio source said the only Scottish idea is the will o' the wisp who leads Merida to a meeting with a witch, below. But will o' the wisps, jack o' lanterns or hinkypunks are not uniquely Scottish, appearing in fairytales all over the world.

Behind the Scenes of Pixar's Girl Story (slideshow from Time Entertainment)

From the New York Post (which has more questions than answers): Is Pixar's 'Brave' the Disney Princess Movie We Need?

You can watch a whole scene at, which streams nicely and with excellent quality, or you can view it below. It shows the archery contest and a whole lot about the story premise and the relationship between Merida and her mother (all in one neat scene - nice!) I recommend watching this one if you haven't already.

There's also some really neat stylized artwork on the site that we're bound to see more of in books and in the movie. The ones shown below tell the premise (and advertise the actors):

As a bonus, archery geeks are very, very happy about how Pixar animated the all-important archery scene at Wired's New Brave Trailer Nails the Archery. Pretty high praise. Makes me want to pick up a bow again (not kidding!). Watch out archery clubs: you're about to be stampeded by Merida wannabe's.


  1. I'm really looking forward to this movie coming out! It looks like another animation winner!

  2. The aspect I'm most impressed with is the fact that the story is not contigent upon Merida finding man to feel fulfilled. In every other "Disney Princess" movie, the princess's story invariably revolves around the man, her whole fate is contigent upon the outcome of a romantic relationship, despite how independent she acts. I've seen none of that with Brave. So far, there is no romance, no hunky protagonist to "tame" the headstrong girl with his devil-may-care charm. It is mainly Merida's relationship with her mother and how Merida truly takes her own fate in her own hands, without some male figure being the prime motivator. Finally, it is the woman who is the prime motivator in her own story. Kudos to Pixar!

  3. @Donna Me too. And I really hope so.
    @Anonymous I think this very aspect is what has so many of us excited. It's not that we've ever lacked tales re girls making their own way but it'll be the first in animated popular culture film since... er... possibly ever. It's very overdue but I choose to focus on the "yay" stuff right now. Kudos are definitely deserved for treating their first female lead like a real fairy tale heroine - one who chooses the harder path in order to find her true - and own - happiness/destiny.