Monday, February 27, 2012

Fairy Tale Factory Releases First Anthology

Congrats to Amy Leigh Morgan and writers at The  Fairy Tale Factory on the release of their first volume (hopefully of many) of new fairy tales!

Fairy Tale Factory Volume 1: Six short fairy tales, some with unhappy endings

Karen DeBlauw (Author), Brett Boyette (Author), Amy Leigh Morgan (Editor)

This collection of brand-new fairy tales takes its inspiration from the Brothers Grimm and Italo Calvino's "Italian Folktales." Meet a magical cat who'll do anything for a bowl of gravy, free a young girl whose mysterious birthright is sewn into her father's pillow, take a wild ride on an enchanted carousel, and more. Diana Sudyka's stylish, charming illustrations bring the stories to life for readers of all ages.
If you don't know about the Fairy Tale Factory then you should put them on your radar and keep an eye on what Amy Leigh Morgan is doing over there.  (You can read up on the types of workshops she has HERE and read my interview with Amy HERE.)

Amy's blog is a great read for both fairy tale enthusiasts and writers. As a bonus she's added a regular feature to her blog in the last six months which are Fairy Tale Fridays posts . The posts generally spotlight some of the lesser known fairy tales and include the text (or part thereof with links to the rest), along with Amy's signatory wry. funny and/or thoughtful observations on the tale. I love it when I can get to my inbox on Fridays to read it (sign-up is available through Facebook).

Fairy Tale Factory logo by Jeremy Eaton
She is currently running free monthly Fairy Tale Factory Salons which sound both fun and fantastic. I only wish I were local so I could attend myself as I think she's really onto something in modeling a fairy tale writer group after the French Fairy Tale Salons (with less scandal... perhaps. ;)

Go give Amy and her writers some love. I'm curious to see what the writers have come up with in this time of busy fairy tale activity as while there are various forms of fairy tale entertainment popping up everywhere I'm not seeing much in the way of new tales. I hope this is the beginning of many, many more from The Factory.

You can find the first Fairy Tale Factory anthology HERE.


  1. Gypsy, I misted up a little bit when I saw your post. Thank you! I wish you lived closer, too - if you're ever in Seattle, you always have a place to stay and a group that'll welcome you with open arms (and great stories). xo

  2. Thank you Amy! I really love what you're doing and do wish I could be a part of it. Perhaps in the future... (I am trying to convince husband to move North - any work there in animation??) If I ever visit I will definitely contact you to catch up for coffee and stories. So excited by your release! *applause*