Thursday, January 30, 2014

New (& Rather Epic!) Trailer for Gans' 'Belle et La Bête' (lotsnlots of pics)

Oh my word!

Apparently there is a lot more magic and fantasy to Gans' La Belle et La Bete than we first thought. Take a look at the latest trailer, released late Wednesday (yesterday). Despite there being no subtitles, it's pretty clear what's going on:
Belle et La Bête
If you can't see the video above (as I've been having trouble making the embed code "stick"), go HERE to view it. Full screen is recommended.

I also found some storyboard art (and a whole lot of concept art but I'll save that for a later post, hopefully this afternoon, if I have time.)
And here are a few more screencaps from the new trailer:
I do like seeing more of this Beast's backstory. If he truly loved and lost before, having Belle appear as his way out of the curse can't be exactly straight forward. After all, it's not like women/girls can just be substituted (oh please let that be the case!). And it appears there is more "magically-assisted peril" for the Beast than we first realized: actual magic, devious plots and (it appears) sisterly deception?
Hopefully the film proves to have lots of good - and delicious - layers in this retelling and isn't just adding twists for effects and visuals' sake.

Here are three extra behind-the-scenes videos, the casting one is in French sorry, but still interesting, while the Director interview has Gans explaining his vision and inspiration in English (4 min 36 secs - minimal visuals but his explanations and commentary on choosing how to do special effects for the film are very interesting). The very brief "making of" video is also in French, with lots of behind-the-scenes visuals and interesting notes from the Set Designer (although, boy is my French rusty!):
The fact that Gans did the SFX interview in English, gives me renewed hope for a subtitled theatrical release and an English version of the DVD/Blu-ray.

Interestingly, I found a Russian trailer online - complete with "Il etait une fois.." written in Russian and a Russian narrator and a German one, with the same treatment...Where is the English one?! Please?

Oh yeah - more official pics...
Just two weeks till we start hearing reviews from Paris...

What do you think of the film - and of how Beauty & the Beast as a fairy tale will come across - with the new footage reveal?

Source: HERE

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