Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guillermo del Toro's 'Beauty & the Beast' Likely To Start Production In Summer 2014. Pretty Sure. We Hope.

Yay? It's hard to get excited until we hear - for real - that they're actually starting filming on this because it now feels like it's been around FOREVER but, from Emma Watson in an interview here's the current state of del Toro's Beauty & the Beast:

Basically, he's still very excited, it IS going forward (possibly/probably Summer 2014 production start time) and Emma Watson WILL be Beauty. No Beast yet though - they're still doing the casting rounds on that one.

And a quote I can't pin down the original date for but appropriate to remind people of now anyway, it's Emma Watson teasing about del Toro's adaptation:
“He’s obsessed with the idea of creating worlds. We’re even going to have this amazing language that we made up.”
Creating worlds, made up language... yes. Definitely still intrigued!

One last bit of news on this: Emma Watson has no other film plans ahead of Beauty and the Beast. According to her schedule, this is her next project.

You can hear Emma talk about her New Year-ish meeting with del Toro about Beauty and the Beast, in this video interview posted today, HERE.