Saturday, October 8, 2016

OUAT This Week: Cinderella's Other Shoe Is About to Drop

Last Sunday we saw the Count of Monte Cristo on a revenge gig set-up by the Evil Queen... not very engaging for the fairy tale/fantasy fans (even the use of the poison draught, referenced in the title, was underwhelming) but this coming week we get a long overdue revisioning of a very well known fairy tale character: Cinderella.

While OUAT told Cinderella's story in the very first season, and added the twist of Rumpel killing her fairy godmother so he could ensnare the girl in a deal himself, this round looks even more promising as far as revisioning goes, as the series tells "Cinderella's Untold Tale", that is, the one she wishes wasn't told. Unsurprisingly it involves less-than-nice stepsisters and an even less-nice stepmother, but from the teaser it also looks like we're going to be treated to a reworking of various aspects (eg. how Cinderella got her name), possibly even motifs, of the most popular Cinderella story.

Take a look at the teaser:
The above teaser is a decent fairy tale clip just by itself but if more is explored, it promises to be an interesting episode, as Cinderella is promised to have a little revenge-binge of her own.

There's more of a sneak peek here, which, unfortunately gives a lot away, but having read so very many versions of Cindy in revenge mode, we're not 'un-surprised' (add it to the dictionary), we're just curious about the woven in details and hope there's an inspired resolution.

Fair warning for possible spoilers:
Which brings us to the most pressing question we have about the whole season: what is Snow White's untold story? We have seen almost every moment of Snow White's life; birth, young girl, learning her forest skills, her first kiss (Hercules - really?), betrayal by the Evil Queen, meeting Charming, her friendship with Red, her psycho sweeping song (when she nearly killed a bluebird with her broom on purpose - that was a fun one), her wedding, being cursed, having baby Emma, sending Emma to muggle land, evil Snow in opposite land and everything in between. We've seen her good, bad, getting a black heart, doing less than heroic things... what's left to tell? We hope they've got a really great idea in mind to be worthy of this season's biggest mystery and focus. (Regina versus herself doesn't seem like it will hold that many surprises - just magical action and a lot of frustration on the part of her good side, and laughing on the part of her bad one.)

In the meantime, here's a little stroll down memory lane reflecting on a 'less than white' Snow:

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