Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Crystal Galloway's Indian Little Mermaid

Crystal Galloway is an illustrator who decided she wanted to try creating a version of The Little Mermaid that moved away from its traditional setting in Europe. The locale she chose instead, was, refreshingly, East India.

While you might think most of the underwater scenes wouldn't necessarily reflect this, Galloway did a lovely job of reflecting the culture in the design of the characters, as well as the style of painting.
The Prince chillin' on his birthday boat
The Prince's birthday fireworks
The storm
The mermaid saving the Prince
A kiss on the shore
Arriving at the witch's bog
The witch preparing her brew
The mermaid admiring the night before her death
"Kill the Prince!"
Pretty nice interpretation! Beautifully rendered too with a feeling of sand, salt and sea. It gives the impression of being constantly in motion without being overwhelming.

Galloway did many studies for the various characters, all with lovely inspiration from East India and the unique cultural flavor there. We'd love to see an illustrated book of the complete story!
The grandmother

The sea witch

You can find more individual character designs HERE and some story boards for when the Little Mermaid goes the the surface for the first time HERE.

Fairy Tale Bonus of the Day:
Galloway also created one other fairy tale illustration, this time for The Twelve Dancing Princesses (a fairy tale not illustrated nearly enough in my opinion! It's such a rich tale, full of vivid imagery from start to finish yet it's rarely explored in its entirety. (Thank you Ruth Sanderson for giving us your version of the whole story!)
Here is the piece (click to view larger) and you can see some close ups of sections HERE:

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