Thursday, October 6, 2016

Little Red Body Shames Grandma

At first glance this comedic video that's making the rounds, seems like a one note joke but it quickly develops into a reflection on Princess Culture and "fairy tale expectations".

It's worth a look.

From Huffington Post:
When you think about it, Little Red Riding Hood is rather mean to her grandma, body-shaming her features the second she walks in the door.
Excuse me, Red? Maybe instead of waltzing into someone’s home and judging them on their personal appearance, you should spend more time worrying about the wolf that’s going to eat you right now.
Comedy writer Taylor Cox creates a very modern take on this old tale. Sorry, didn’t mean to call it “old” and age-shame it.
(Warning for small amount of language.)
It's kind of satisfying that the Wolf takes the old path at the end though, don't you think?

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