Friday, October 7, 2016

Breaking News: Disney's 'Tangled' TV Series Trailer Released

The hair is back! And the first question you will ask - if you think the way we do in the newsroom - is: how??

And we're not just curious (aka baffled, slightly perturbed) at just the how, but also the "why": why does she get her very blonde mile-long, assassin-worthy, hair back? Apparently the series is set to answer that question - and it's an important one, since we know, from the movie, that Rapunzel is really an un-magical, though royal, brunette, and, frankly, we thought that was a good thing.

Flynn, er, Eugene looks a little shocked here too, though Pascal looks pretty happy about. He has his jungle gym back, we're guessing.

The series, featuring Rapunzel, Flynn/Eugene, Pascal and many of the other characters, is set to take place between the events of the movie (2010) and the short Tangled Ever After (2012), aka the wedding short.

According to TVLine:
The series will follow Rapunzel as she “acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona.”
Many Moore returns to voice Rapunzel and Zach Levi as Flynn. (Or shall we be calling him Eugene?)

It's beautifully done, recalling some of the concept and development art for the original movie, especially that created by Claire Keane.

Without further ado, take a look:
We just hope Maximus gets to do more sword fighting.

Tangled: The Series, is set to air in 2017.


  1. I imagine one reason the hair came back is because the name Rapunzel is pretty much always associated with crazy long hair. It's like how in the Aladdin animated series the Genie lived in the lamp again even though he was freed (in the movie he acts like it's a prison, in the TV series he acts like it's a tiny condo). Disney doesn't want to give up all the iconography associated with the characters just because they're doing a TV show.

    1. In other words, her hair is ka-ching worthy so it must return? I agree. But it's also true that Rapunzel's hair is iconographic. What would have been cool - and revolutionary, is if she grew it back, (with a bit if magic of course, to speed along the timeline) but as a brunette. ;)