Friday, October 7, 2016

Claire Keane's Animated Mural Intro to Tangled (from 2010)

Rapunzel concept art for Disney's Tangled by Claire Keane
We  don't think we ever posted this but it should be of interest today with the trailer for the animated TV series having just been released.

Created in 2010, this intro was created by the incredibly talented Claire Keane (who was the key artist in the creative development and concept art for the movie Tangled, especially with regard to Rapunzel's tower), along with her husband Vincent Rogozyk, for Nintendo Wii for the Tangled video game. They summarized the story via murals, which they also animated. It's this amazing little work of art all by itself!

(Note: Click on Vincent's name above to go to his website. It takes you straight to the page showing you close-ups of the murals. The one with Mother Gothel's visage peeling just like the paint on the wall is genius.)


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  1. That was from the Wii game?! Wow! Usually, gamers don't expect much from movie tie-in games but it's nice to see they added a little something special to this one.