Monday, October 17, 2016

October is Fairy Tale Studies Month at Wayne State University Press! (aka SALE!)

Ho-ly cow, Batman!*

Wayne State University Press is having a 30% off their entire fairy tale studies series for the whole month of October!
Series in Fairy-Tale StudiesSeries Editor: Donald Haase, Wayne State University
This book series is devoted to works that significantly advance our understanding of the fairy tale as it has taken shape across history and a broad range of media. The series illuminates both the production and reception of the fairy tale as it has appeared in print, film, modern media, the visual and performing arts, and other cultural forms.
If you are interested in fairy tale studies, you know these books are on the pricey side. While they're worth every penny, it does make it difficult for the average worker bee to add volumes to their personal library, so a chunky 30% reduction in price is a little like Christmas-come-early (if you're buying for yourself that is).

Take a look at the awesome variety of titles available:

        Examines director Jacques Demy's
use of the fairy tale as a means
to explore issues of gender, sexuality,
and class
But wait there's more!

With each book you get these set of free steak knives...

Just kidding.


Fairy tales and knives would actually be a great promo!

But there's something better.

The 30% off is extended to:

  • All the Marvels & Tales journals (swoon!)
  • All the Fairy Tale Review collections (double-swoon!)

What a bad time for the Once Upon A Blog kitty to be empty! And what are our chances of finding a winning lottery ticket in the local mall parking lot..? (The last question is directed at our fairy godmother, should she happen to not be too busy this month. Tall order, we know. It is, after all, Halloween month and fairy godmothers get unusually busy the closer it gets to midnight on October 31st.)

Go HERE to start filling your cart and exercising your fairy tale brain muscles - and don't forget to add code FT16 at the checkout!

* We're guessing Batman gets extra mentions during Halloween month and if there are points to be had for doing so, we're in.


  1. Does the discount work on amazon too or only if you order via their site?

    1. I would guess, only on the official website. You can try on amazon, if they have a coupon option, and see if a discount is taken from your total before clicking the final button, but I'd be surprised if that worked. Good luck!