Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Disney's 'Frozen' - & Making Of - Airing in December

Frozen fan art - artist unconfirmed (Rella?)
It's a first - Frozen being aired on TV, that is - but we don't know if this will be a big event, since every enthusiastic family already likely has word through multiple DVDs of Frozen, is on their 3rd and already knows it all by heart (not to mention would be annoyed by ad breaks). But perhaps Disney has a fresh spin on why it will be worth staying up for. Perhaps teasers closer to the time will illuminate us. In the meantime:
Never Let It Go - Heather Theurer
Disney's animated film blockbuster Frozen will make its network TV premiere on ABC-TV’s Wonderful World of Disney December 11 at 8 PM ET, followed by the documentary The Making of “Frozen”: A Return to Arendelle at 10:04 PM ET. (source)
... that includes an exclusive sneak peek of the yet-untitled, all-new 'Frozen' special, coming to ABC Holiday 2017. (source)
We're only curious to see if the new making of - or Frozen special - actually addresses the story behind the story and other fairy tale inspirations. Neither the Blu-ray, nor the Making of Book was exactly forthcoming on any of that. In fact the content for both was pretty sparse and very light on actual information - very disappointing, especially considering the very long and detailed history of Disney trying to make Snow Queen. We don't have high hopes, but we're keeping tabs because when you least expect it, there are those gems..

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