Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sleeping Beauty Needs Her Coffee...

by CassandreBolan
I, like most other people, have been unable to resist at least a few of those Zimbio questionnaires, including the ridiculous, yet enticing Which Disney Princess Are You? 

First of all, being in LA you are constantly reminded that even being average looking is below average here so.. let's just skip that part. I'm definitely not a chirpy-and-together morning person (I'm more "If you expect me to function in the AM, I'm going to need more than one cup of java..." kinda gal) and while 3 inch heels are great because I'm so short that wearing them stops people from patting me on the head (no touchy!), it's been so long since wearing a skirt they now feel downright unsafe in case I should ever need to wrangle a wild.. anything (happens here more often than you'd think). I've also never been exactly passive (fencing? kick boxing? archery? YES!) so I was completely expecting Merida, but no. Not even close. Instead,  my (first) answer - and I laughed out loud at this - was Aurora. Although nothing in the description sounded remotely like me, the last line, however, WAS a perfect fit.
"You're also always tired, but that's not your fault."
So very, very true.
Oh, but getting Maleficent for the villain quiz? That makes much more sense.
Thank Zimbio. You finally figured me out.

PS I'll have that coffee now please. Before my inner dragon gets out...

[Oh -and if you want to go do that quiz for yourself, (if you haven't yet gotten the princess you really WANTED to be..) the link is HERE. ;) ]

Note: By the way, doesn't Zimbio remind you of the word "bimbo"? Yet, I still can't resist... *headdesk* As a slight vindication, every time I've repeated this one, I've gotten Mulan. But you'll also notice I did the test again to get a different result... *double-headdesk*

Note for the fairy tale folk who are appalled/disappointed that I posted something so frivolous today: Have you noticed just how many people are talking about what a real fairy tale princess would do or what a real fairy tale hero does? And what about what a "kickass princess" from that time would really do, considering her upbringing and world view or why a person with superpowers (like a 13th fairy) would stoop to being so spiteful and what the repercussions of such an action would truly be? Right now, and specifically because of the upcoming Maleficent film, people are discussing human behavior and their own choices with fairy tales as the measuring stick. Best of all they're realizing fairy tales aren't as black 'n' white/happily-ever-easy as they originally thought. The popularity of these silly memes and quizzes on fairy tales themes (and there are a TON right now) are symptomatic of the larger conversation du jour happening in society. When you understand that these are signs of fairy tales circulating with more-than-average consideration in pop culture right now, it's something fairy tale folk can rightly get a little excited about. It's also an indication that now might be a good time to get involved in the conversation if you want to have any influence on the way it turns out. While watching history happen is exciting, being part of it, is even better. See you in the social media trenches!


  1. Many of these Disney princess quizzes are either completely easy to manipulate if you have a specific Princess in mind, or kind of random-my mom took the quiz in Disneyland and got Cinderella, because she "has trouble being on time." That's not the point of Cinderella at all!

    However I was pleasantly surprised to get Belle on this Zimbio quiz :). Yes, I do like to think I'm a beautiful bookworm, comfortable in my own skin, imaginative, and able to see beauty in everything! Great self esteem boost for the morning :)

  2. Don't worry. It's okay to post something frivolous once in a while. So many of your posts are so thoughtful that a little froth doesn't hurt (but then, my blog tends toward the frivolous pop culture-y side, so maybe I'm biased).

    Anyway, I'd take a Disney Prince quiz, but I'm afraid in most cases there isn't any personality to compare to. :p