Sunday, April 20, 2014

New "Maleficent" High Res Eye Candy

Not much to say except, this is really a good looking film. And high res shows us a lot of the awesome design details on the fabrics, the accessories and in the background too.

(Although, truth be told, I just can't get completely onboard with these fairies. Why did they proportion/disproportion them like that?)

And I do love those thorny gates... (I wonder what they did with them after filming was complete?)

If you like changing your wallpapers, these will fit the bill! Click on the images to enlarge. (Some of these are HUGE!)

Enjoy! I know I am.
There are these too, although not as high res, they're pretty nice as well:


  1. These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. And yeah, the fairies look super weird. Reminds me of the Red Queen in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland--the White Queen was lovely, normal-looking Anne Hathaway, and then for some reason there's deformed-chibi HBC. Considering Maleficent is also a fairy, squidging up Flora &co. doesn't seem to make sense.

  2. One of the faeries reminds me of the actress who played Umbridge in the fifth Harry Potter movie. Other than that, these stills look amazing. I'm seriously looking forward to seeing this movie in the theatre.

    1. But... you mean the red one? She is the same actress that portrayed Umbridge? Imelda Staunton.