Monday, April 14, 2014

"Maleficent" Limited Edition Collection by Hot Topic & Disney - Online Pre-sale Starts TOMORROW (get it while it's hot)

(Not in stores until May 13th)
You have to admit - the match is pretty much perfect: Disney + Hot Topic for Maleficent? Total WIN. Hot Topic has a tradition of helping us show our darker side (without freaking out the neighborhood) and this collection does that, with an extra edge. Tell me you can't see a young, modern Maleficent wearing these...

Without further ado, here's the collection and official press release (please click on images, including theLook book spreads, to see them full size):
Hot Topic has unveiled a limited-edition collection of apparel inspired by Disney’s “Maleficent.” The collection will be available exclusively at Hot Topic stores and online starting in May, with a pre-sale beginning on HOTTOPIC.COM April 15.  
The “Maleficent” fashion collection is inspired by the feature film, which is the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic “Sleeping Beauty.” The film, in theaters on May 30, reveals the events that hardened Maleficent’s heart and drove her to curse the baby, Aurora, only to later realize that the child may hold the key to peace in the land. The collection is dark and mysterious like Maleficent herself.  
“There is so much we instantly loved about ‘Maleficent’ – the complex story behind this beloved villain, the breathtaking scenery and the striking costumes,” said Cindy Levitt, SVP, Merchandising and Marketing at Hot Topic. “We just knew we had to design a dark and edgy collection – because it’s exactly the kind of fashion our customers love.”  
The “Maleficent” fashion collection includes nine pieces. Seven are black, designed in striking fashion silhouettes, and feature distinctive details, including faux leather accents, lace trim, skull hardware and a Maleficent charm. The collection also includes two Aurora-inspired pieces.
 Corset Hi-lo dress: $ 52.50 
 Hi-lo Waistcoat: $44.50 
 High-Collar Dress: $54.50
(Note: Collar can be worn up or down.)
 Button-Front Coat Dress: $54.50 
(Note: wear as a dress or Summer coat)
 Corset Top: $46.50 
(Note: Zippered front)
 Asymmetrical Crow Feather Top: $32.50 
 Wing Hooded Cape: $49.50 
                            Pink Aurora Lace Top: $29.50        White Aurora Bell-Sleeved Dress: $49.50
In addition to this fashion collection, Hot Topic will offer a wide range of new and classic Maleficent apparel and accessories, including tees, dresses, jewelry and more. 
And now that you've seen the lovely official pics, here are some of mine (please excuse the lack of pro-quality!):

I asked specifically and yes, any leather details are faux leather and the collection overall is eco-friendly as best the designers and marketing team could confirm; none of Maleficent's creature friends, (or foes), were harmed in the making of this collection, to the best of their knowledge. That equals an extra thumbs up from me and should earn some fae approval as well.

I have an on-the-spot-with-camera-phone video interview that SVP of Merchandising and Marketing, Cindy Levitt, kindly granted me to share with you, however, I'm having serious upload difficulties at present! In the interest of timeliness for the pre-sale, I'm going to work on that later tonight (hopefully) and set this post live without it for now. (Wish me luck!)

After the official interview about the collection (and once we both relaxed with the camera off), we got to talking about different fairy tales, their allure and staying power, even as we grow older, and why such old stories still seem important. This was probably one of the best things about the preview for me. My impression was that talking this way about fairy tales, backed up the mentality the designers used to approach the Maleficent fashion designs. Essentially, they aimed to tap into that feeling and power that the character of Maleficent evokes and people are so drawn to, and still make it relevant to their customers today. It looks to me like they succeeded. It's one of the reasons I'm so happy to take time to share the collection with you, as it truly is a manifestation of people thinking about how fairy tales affect people, then designing something to add to the experience in their daily lives (that people will be more than happy to pay for). 

My sincere thanks to Ms. Levitt, Dara Meas and the team at Hot Topic and Disney for inviting me to the preview. I'm looking forward to seeing where this new way of working takes the Hot Topic/Disney collaboration!


  1. What a cool collection! A question for you - do you know if the cuff featured throughout (two in the cape/hoodie shot) is going to be available? I love it!