Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm Over at Tales of Faerie Today! (Where You Can Learn All My Secrets...)

My thanks to the lovely and talented Kristin for having me on her blog for an interview!

Kristin's blog, Tales of Faerie, can be found HERE, as well as regularly at the top of the Other Fairy Tale News Sources in the column on the right of OUABlog page.

She is one of these people who writes on fairy tales the way I wish I could. Her posts are fascinating, well researched, thought provoking and honestly, I kind of wish she was posting for me here.

We are lucky to have her as our fairy tale friend and blogger, who shows with every post why fairy tales are both fascinating and important.

Curious about the strange brain behind this blog, Kristin asked me a few why's and wherefore's you may be interested in.

You can find the interview HERE

(And you'll then understand why I've posted these pictures of a retelling of the Cupid & Psyche story as well...) 

I love the illustration Kristin uses in her banner for her blog (the double page is shown below). It's by Angela Barrett for Beauty and the Beast and reflects Kristin's blogging style really well: clearly fairy tales, good quality content and detailed research as well as thought provoking topics. It's one of my favorite places to visit and should be on your fairy tale must-reads list as well.
Beauty & the Beast by Angela Barrett
*Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis, vintage book covers by Time Life

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