Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Frozen Should Have Ended. Or, Perhaps, Started... (A lighter post now we're past Tax Day in the US!)

Well this would have made for a very different movie! One of the issues I have with Frozen is that I had the exact reaction of the old troll did when I realized what happened after the 'save Anna' visit.

(Note: please remember, this is done in good humor, not in the spirit of bashing the creators. I only say this because the YouTube comments.. yikes! Different sorts of trolls there it seems.)

The Snow Queen comes into her own!

Oh, and by the way, why has no one talked about how Marshmallow is Disney's newest princess?! I thought people would be all over that (in a good way). 

If you don't know what I mean, check it out:

Let the fan fiction begin...

PS: If you need a Fairy tale justification for this post, here's a question: 
How do Disney parents compare with the older fairy tale parents in general? 
(Anyone who answers on their own blog is welcome to send me a link,
and I'll repost it on OUABlog with full credit to you and linkage to your site,
so everyone can discover your Awesome.

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  1. Yes yes yes! I really did not get why the parents handled Elsa's magic the way they did. I considered them the true villains of the movie.

    Though I also didn't get why the Magic Troll revoked Anna's memory; she'd have been better off knowing what her sister could do.

    Okay, I now have to go do some Princess Marshmallow fan art now.