Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shh! It's A Maleficent Collection Sneak Peek! (OUAB Gets A Hot Topic/Disney Collaboration Preview)

Yes, I have new horns!*

They are from the lovely people at Hot Topic who I had the privilege of spending time with today (Friday, April 11), previewing their new, limited edition, fashion collection collaboration with Disney, inspired by, you guessed it, Maleficent.

Once Upon A Blog was also invited to interview the design team and so, amid props from the movie (that Disney wouldn't let me photograph for all the usual legal reasons, although I am allowed to describe them... so more on those later), I got to talk fairy tales with people who have designed a modern fashion collection that aims to exude an aura of fairy tales with teeth. Boy did they succeed!

The collection is seriously gorgeous - lots of black on black textures with elegant lines and a dark-magic edge, inspired by Maleficent's costumes and props. (There are a couple of light and pretty Aurora-inspired pieces too.) I can't wait to show you - and I will very soon!

I was able to interview one of the design team (using a camera phone) and will be bringing you that video soon, along with lots of lovely collection pics. I got to talk Sleeping Beauty, the popularity of conflicted fairy tale characters and, of course, the upcoming movie, with the Hot Topic team and will share that with you too. (It's been an exciting day!)

I also get to share with you the exclusive online pre-order date, (APRIL 15!! - Mark your calendars!), which happens about three weeks before it goes into stores, and I'm so very glad I can because, honestly, once images start getting around, I don't think there will be much of the limited edition collection left for the stores.

More on this really soon but I just couldn't wait to share a teensy bit. In the meantime, some of the new Maleficent accessories, along with their in-store classic Maleficent casual wear can be found HERE.

Stay tuned!

*Note: I have not been paid for this endorsement. The horns were given to invited guests as a thank you for taking time to consider helping promote the collection on their own terms and came with the press release kit we received on entering. They also had strawberries, other yummy-looking fruit and iced lemon water but pictures of those aren't nearly as exciting.

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