Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maleficent Concept Art (Oh My... WantArtOfBookNOW!)

So... like it says: I really, reeeeally hope there's an "Art Of" book coming, with a ton of story information and LOTS of notes from screenwriter, Linda Woolverton (with John Lee Hancock), and creative inspiration-from-the-tale notes on the costumes and set design etc etc... you get the idea.
Fresh from the brand new, official Maleficent Tumblr, Evil Is the New Black, are five lovely new concept art images.
I have to say, I adore this giant tree-warthog thing carrying the antlered-ent thing (technical terms *eyeroll*)!
 Could this be a young Maleficent? She looks vulnerable here. And a little bit scary too.
 And is this Aurora along way from her castle? (I believe Maleficent's realm has been revisioned to be more in line with faery myth and legend by making her domain more forest-centric than stone and underground castle-like but we shall see.)

I like the parallel scene with Maleficent's at the head of the post as well. Nice.

OK. I'm ready. More please!