Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Once Upon A More-Than-Just-A-Blog!

Gypsy Thornton aka InkGypsy aka Fairy Tale Newhound updating everything!
That's right.
There's more going on here than just blog posts! 

OUAB on Facebook

(And I've been doing a little updating/cleaning house here too as you may have noticed if you look around the tabs on the menu above.)

I also have accounts on Facebook (both a page for Once Upon A Blog on which I post fairy tale news headlines and more, and my personal one, Gypsy Thornton). There's also a Twitter account (@inkgypsy) which sends out fairy tale news headlines and links too. 

OUAB on Twitter
What I'm most excited to share with you is that I have a very active (and super shiny!) Pinterest account, set up as an extension of Once Upon A Blog, with LOTS of fairy tale goodies to discover. (At the time of posting I have 227 separate boards and over 21, 000 images pinned!! *faints*) I already have a separate and permanent page here at the blog site (see menu bar at the top of the blog) to link you to all the fairy tale art boards by tale name and will update it as I add new ones.

227 boards to browse on Pinterest so far!
I am a visual thinker and Pinterest has been a wonderful way for me to explore myth, fairy tale and other related things I love, do research and to generally fill up my "creative juices jar".

I have many (many!) different boards that are fairy tale, folklore and/or myth based, either by story, aspect or theme, so there's a lot (a lot!) to explore. Think of it as a labyrinth of wonders that includes an "exit" button you can use at any time... should you really wish to leave... ;)

I've been creating boards for specific fairy tales for a while now, the purpose being to collect a variety of art styles (photo, illustration and more) and various/unusual representations of a tale. Seeing different ways a story or story moment has been captured (by artist, photographer and/or writers) helps me think about the tales in a fresh way. It's a good way to make unusual connections and get inspired to go make my own art or stories and I hope it will do the same for you.

A few of the OUAB Fairy Tale Mood Boards on Pinterest
The list of tale specific boards is very long (and only going to get longer!) so I'm going to just leave it all on the dedicated page for you to browse there.

With so many tales to choose from this will be a work in progress for, possibly, ever. No board is ever really "complete" and there are always more tales to explore. I tend to add fairy tale images almost every time I'm on Pinterest, either to existing boards or to new ones, so there will be new things to find every week (pretty much!).

Go check the page OUAB Fairy Tale Boards on Pinterest on the menu at the top of the blog for a list of all the tales I have created boards for so far, as well as other fairy tale related goodness. There is a LOT to explore!

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  1. Great picture of you. These are some exciting developments.