Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breaking News: "Frozen" Releases Trailer, er, 'Toon

As anticipated, Disney has finally released a trailer for Frozen!

As promised, here it is!

Imma let you watch:



OK. So it's not a trailer, it's a 'toon. And first impression is: if Disney gave Scrat (Ice Age) a makeover maybe this is what it would look like... although, this doesn't actually look Disney-esque at all. (?)

Don't get me wrong. I'll happily watch a little slapstick - even slapstick on ice, although Bambi and Thumper discovering Winter was precious and hard to top. And I might even watch a movie about a bumbling snowman and his pet dog, er, reindeer but... where's the.. EVERYTHING we're looking for in the next big Disney fairy tale?

I'll let you know when there is some actual fairy tale news. Please return to your regularly scheduled programs.

Note: Frozen is set to release on November 27th in the US and December 6th in the UK.

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