Sunday, June 9, 2013

Historical Disney Villains Debut: Maleficent

Historical Villains: Maleficent (1400's) by Claire Hummel
Most of you are probably familiar with the Historical Disney Princess illustrations by Claire Hummel (aka *shoomlah on deviantArt). As you can see we are about to be treated with a series of Historical Disney Villains (yay!) and Maleficent debuted in mid-May 2013 as the first (official) design.
I've wanted Maleficent to be the first villain in the series for a while now, ever since I made the mental leap between Maleficent's horns and 15th century horned hennins. The time period works out pretty well, actually, since I wanted her to look a little more dated than Aurora's 1480's getup- both houppelandes and horned hennins were all the rage during the early- to mid-1400's, and they make for pretty good analogues to her official costuming.  Sexy stuff.

This proves more than any of the previous pieces that these are adaptations, not improvements. I mean, look at the original Maleficent design- how does one improve on PERFECTION

Maleficent - and her inner dragon - is one of my favorite Disney villains. If only they hadn't watered her down so much by giving her those lumpy, dweeby, witless side-kicks! It seems completely out of character for her and I know her raven feels the same way.. (but that's another topic).

If you could choose, whom would you like to see next on the Historical Villain series?

Today's fairy tale bonus: A wonderfully true* little meme, featuring none other than our favorite slighted scary-fairy, Maleficent.  
* Yes, I am one of those people who shudder when they hear people wish for a fairy tale life, wedding or anything else!


  1. Ha ha ha! I love that image and caption. She gave them a fairy tale wedding, and no one appreciated it.

  2. My favorite Maleficent Meme ever!!! LOL

    Great to see you blogging again!

    Lisa :)