Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goodreads Author Chat: Ask Kate Wolford About Writing New Fairy Tales

Want to have an "Enchanted Conversation" with Indiana University writing professor and fairy tale teacher Kate Wolford?

She'll be on Goodreads on Wednesday and Thursday (June 19 & 20) to answer any and all questions on the behind-the-scenes of fairy tale writing  - something we rarely get the chance to do! (No critique questions please!)

With her new release Beyond the Glass Slipper, Ms. Wolford has created a brand new resource for, not only fans of fairy tales and fairy tale readers, but those who want to write them as well. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and go ask her some questions! She is one of the most down-to-earth and encouraging teachers I know, inspiring creativity and excellence in all who work with her.

A screencap from the Goodreads site with words from Kate herself:

ANYONE can join. AND IT'S FREE! (While you will need to join Goodreads or sign in through Facebook you can choose to opt out of notices, emails etc and generally not be bothered by Goodreads afterward if that's what you prefer.) Opening remarks begin at 8am EST.

Go get some tips from our very own Fairy Godmother of fairy tale writing! 

Here are some starter ideas to prompt you:
  • ask about trends and ideas in recasting the tales
  • ask about submission suggestions in general
  • ask about tales that weren't included in the book and why
  • ask about choosing tales to rewrite
  • ask what the challenges are - and the perks! - in writing new fairy tales 
While there's no instant spell for writing a good story, Ms. Wolford is the best at discerning your rotten pumpkins from your magic ones and showing you how to transform them to their full potential. Over the next two days you'll get a chance to peek into this Good Fairy's bag of tricks and discover some of that for yourself.

The magic awaits. You just need to ask...

Click HERE to go to the Good Reads link and join the Enchanted Conversation.

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