Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cinderella Cast Update: Sophie McShera Moves Up(stairs)

Sophie McShera of Downtown Abbey is moving upstairs in Branagh's Cinderella
Well this is a cool fairy tale twist in casting news: Disney's live action Cinderella has a new stepsister -- and she's quite familiar.

Sophie McShera
Like Lily James (who will be playing the title role of Cinderella), the newest confirmed cast member, Sophie McShera*, is also from Downtown Abbey, but though she and James will play alongside each other once more, they will have swapped ranks.

*gasps from the balcony* "Oooooooh!" *collective skirts rustle as all lean forward*

Sophie McShera as Daisy Mason in Downtown Abbey
In Downtown Abbey, McShera plays Daisy Mason, maid to Lady Rose McClare (played by Lily James). In Cinderella, however, it will be McShera who gets to give the orders as Noemi** the evil step-sibling, while James will swap her elegant frocks for an apron, getting a taste of the servant life.

(Upstairs, downstairs...)

Holliday Grainger has long since been confirmed as Cindy's other (also evil) step-sibling, (character name still unknown). Unlike their animated Disney counterparts, they will be Cinderella's beautiful stepsisters - at least on the outside.
Sophie McShera for Grazia
Though all three "sisters" are very familiar with period pieces this is supposed to be "a modern take" (quote) on Cinderella. Perhaps this time around, instead of mops, buckets and garters it will be Dysons, Chlorox and... well, garters are back in, so maybe they'll just be really quick in the dressing room...

So as of yesterday (June 26), the confirmed cast is now:

Lily James                     -- Cinderella
Cate Blanchett              --  Lady Tremaine
Helena Bonham Carter -- Fairy Godmother
Richard Madden           -- Prince Charming
Holliday Grainger         -- Stepsister #1 (name unknown)
Sophie McShera            -- Stepsister #2 (Noemi)

OK. This is looking interesting. Who's next?

Note: Disney has set the release date for Cinderella as March 13, 2015

* Source, additional source

**IMDB says her name is to be Drizella but I've seen this site change information every now and then. Two other (more reputable) sources are confirming McShera's character will be named Noemi.

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  1. Oh thank goodness. I was worried about the whole Drizella thing. I'm editing my post. Thank you for your superior research! I'm so scattered right now, I have been getting sloppy.