Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Into The Woods" Movie - Revised Cast List (so far...)

Fan made poster for Disney's live action "Into The Woods" movie

Screenplay read from late 2012
OK - this was a toughie to pin down! Information is flying fast and furiously around the net about this right now and things are in flux with a whole lot of TBCs (To Be Confirmed) among the names.

I kept finding conflicting information in supposedly reliable news sources so have done my best to sort all the inconsistencies out and make a list of exactly(ish) where things stand - as of writing this post, that is. This is as accurate a list as I can construct without additional secret insider info to help me out. (It is more than possible there will be news between the time I post this and the time you read it right now!)

I used an old screenplay reading list from the end of last year and have updated a bunch of changes (scribbling with a very uncooperative mouse! - not a real mouse! - though that would be cool if I could find a mouse who could hold a pen and wanted to help...).

Checks [√] mean the name is confirmed. Dots [•] mean they're TBC (to be confirmed) and are "in talks" (in biz-speak, this means they're almost sure these actors will do it but need to iron out the fine print of the contract before they're confirmed as "in"). Question marks [?] mean we have no idea (yet!) who the character will be played by at this time.

I left the names of the original screenplay readers there, just in case they're also "in talks" but haven't announced it publicly yet.
Revised cast list as of June 24, 2013 incl. TBC
In case you didn't notice, I've added in a couple of extra bits of information on the songs, the script and the Director of Photography (DP). You should be able to click on the image to see it larger (or do "view original image" and that should give you the bigger size), in case the mouse-scribble is too difficult to decipher.

Rob Marshall directing Disney's live action "Into The Woods"
Since that's a ton of info to take in for one post, and things are still very jello like with how a group cast photo will eventually look, (so VERY curious as to whom Red will be!) I'm going to leave you with just this for now.

Oh - and in case you didn't know - Bernadette Peters has been vocal in her approval of all the confirmed and TBC cast so far! In lieu of actually having her on board, I'd say that's the next, best thing. :)

Disney has announced the release date for the movie as Christmas Day (December 25) 2014.

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