Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marissa Meyer's 3rd Sci-Fi Fairy Tale "Cress" Ramping Up To Feb 2014 Release

Marissa Meyer, author of the best-selling cyborg Cinderella retelling Cinder and the Red Riding Hood inspired sequel Scarlet, leaked some exciting news on her Facebook page yesterday regarding the impatiently-awaited next installment in the series, Cress.

From Marissa Meyer's FB yesterday:
Okay guys, here's the current scoop! 1. CRESS's release date is 2/4/2014. 2. We'll be sharing the FIRST CHAPTER next week. Like, early next week. Like, SOON. 3. Cover art will be revealed in a few weeks. 4. I'll be kicking off some ARC giveaways as early as JULY, so stay tuned!!
OK. That's it: I need a fairy tale calendar of awesome upcoming events!

In case you weren't yet aware, from the ARC cover pic shown you can see Cress is inspired by Rapunzel. The included text also gives us some clues about how this sci-fi fairy tale will begin. (I'm SO looking forward to this!)

It's only relatively recent that I was able to catch up on The Lunar Chronicles. Although I'd heard nothing but great things it's fair to say, although I definitely expected excellent writing (which there was), I was fairly neutral about the series, seeing as it started off with a Cinderella interpretation*, as unusual as the premise was, but I LOVED it all.

Here's a little fairy tale bonus of the day:
On Pinterest I call them "Imag-ine-àges" - magical story image collages. They're commonly known as Picspams - collections of screencaps or photos assembled as a tribute to a story, character or idea, and I found one someone put together in honor of Marissa Meyer's first Lunar chronicles heroine, Cinder:
 I'm not going to post a review of either Cinder or Scarlet (there are hundreds of those you can check out!) BUT I will say that if you love fairy tales, are studying them and/or believe in their timeless power you need to read this series.

Note: Scarlet recently hit The New York Times Bestseller list as well! Congrats Marissa!!

*Which apart from having been done so very, many times, Cinderella stories tend to be romance-focused (and this was YA romance) - nothing wrong with that, it just isn't my genre of choice, but even with my low tolerance I wasn't bored for an instant!

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