Monday, June 17, 2013

Breaking News: Disney's "Frozen" Taking Over The Weather Channel

It's marketing time!

And to kick it off we're going to talk about the weather. (Heh.)

I have a feeling this was (happily) grabbed during a test to go live properly tomorrow, since there's a link to the as-yet-unreleased trailer, and I can't get the site to show me this anymore, BUT it appears that Disney's Frozen is taking over The Weather Channel.

  • Frozen background
  • Frozen colors
  • Promo poster
  • Gallery
  • Link to a trailer
  • A reindeer/moose (?? check the link, you'll see what I mean)
  • A sidekick snowman... (Oh no!)
What are you thinking of the first marketing look?

I have a much meatier (and prettier) blog post set to go live at midnight for you all, complete with bigger views of the newly released images and much more.

And I should be posting the trailer some time tomorrow too...

Stay tuned!

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