Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fairy Tales by Vinicius de Moraes Pereira

The Girl Who Trod On A Loaf
Unfortunately there isn't much information about this Brazilian illustrator which is a shame as there is some really nice work here and I'd love to help him become more known. Mr. Pereira (aka ViniWolf) has a very nice gallery on CGPortfolio and it includes some beautifully - and differently - done fairy tale illustrations.
The Emperor's New Suit
These paintings are, however, new - uploaded on February this year, so I'm hoping we'll see more from him soon. It appears as if he's working on a Hans Christian Andersen project for a Brazilian editor (a magazine?) for this series. Quite an unusual set of tale choices.

The Little Mermaid

You can find more of his work HERE.


  1. This art is wonderful! Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Hello,

    This is Vini Wolf. I appreciate your kindness. Thanks a lot.
    My little sister was reading your blog and told me about your post.
    This illustrations posted here was made for a book edition for public schools here at Brazil. This book is already on sale here for a very low cost. The idea is to spread fary tales among the poorest children here.

    I also work as an animator at Copa Studio, a studio I helped to create at 2008/2009. We have a cartoon series at American Latin Cartoon Network called Trunk Train. ( you can wacht the trailer here ) At this cartoon series I work as a background artist, art supervisor and effects animator.

    Nowadays I'm working at a new cartoon series and a long animation movie project. You can see more here if you want to.


    Vini Wolf

  3. Hi! I am Vini Wolf's sister. I talked to him for him to contact you. My e-mail is if you need information about it.