Friday, March 30, 2012

The Eastern Inspired Fairy Tales of Corinne Reid

This artist has been on my "gotta blog" list for a while now so I thought it was high time I share her work with you.
Magic Paintbrush

The artist is Corinne Reid, who just graduated with a BFA in illustration. Her work is inspired by real life mixed with fairy tales of Eastern origin and feels both new and classic all at once.
Flowers of Illusion

She was interviewed by My Modern Metropolis earlier this year. Here is an excerpt:

Each of your pieces are very powerful in their own way. Where do you find inspiration? 
Much of my inspiration comes from Eastern cultures. Ever since I was younger, I've been enamored with the delicacy and beautiful stillness of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian painting, and have tried to incorporate those same ideals into my work. Although like many other artists, I'm also inspired by the natural world around me. Nature can present such beautiful, strange forms, and I often find myself taking reference from nature blogs, or outside in the forests of where I live.
You can read the whole interview HERE.

Wild Dog (this reminds me of the Wolf and Grandma, or Red, Grandma and Wolf together)

Isn't her work so beautifully and moving?

Ms. Reid's blog is HERE, where you can see much more of her work. Her website with gallery is HERE and you can purchase her work HERE.
Silent Dreams (It focuses on celebrating the innovation and imagination of Helen Keller.)

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