Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest Board Spotlight: Grimm (group board)

I don't know if I can manage to post a regular Pinterest "Board of the Week" so let's just call it a Pinterest "Fairy Tale Board Spotlight" feature. :)

The plan is for them to fairy tale themed, of course, but from time to time I may send you over to something that's more related to topics and/or illustrations  or photos fairy tale people may be interested in as well.

As you're probably aware by now, Pinterest is an image collection site in which you "pin" images you like into categories, known as "boards" that you create.They're being used for everything from digital scrapbooks to inspiration boards and one of the cool features is the "group board" feature. Whoever sets up the board has the option to invite pinners they know to participate and add their own images.

Today's board of the week is a group board and is titled Grimm. Here's a small preview:

Although there are many fairy tale boards on Pinterest (from fanciful fairy tale like images to collections of illustrations for a specific tale) this board contains images that are mostly collected because they remind the participants of certain tales, rather than the image having been created based on a tale to begin with, like specific illustrations, though it has a few of those too. (See throughout post for examples.)

There's much more to the board so go check it out and be sure to read any descriptions posted so you can see what images reminded the posters of which fairy tales. (I thought of a couple of different ones for a few of them.)

The participants of the board tell me they originally created it as a party planning tool for Halloween but enjoyed the theme so much they kept going with it. I'm glad they did. :)

You can see the whole board - which I gather is still growing - HERE.

Please note: this first post spotlighting a board is a lot longer than these posts will be. It'll really just be a giant blog-based arrow to send you to some cool fairy tale finds.

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