Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lovecraft Jack and The Beanstalk by Ellis Goodson

Something very different and fairly self-explanatory via the title.

The piece, "Lovecraft Jack and The Beanstalk" is by Ellis Goodson (you can find his website HERE). It  underwent a number of edits on the TAG Tuesday Art Group blog HERE.

I wish there were a bigger version of the final edit - which I like best. It has quite a pulp noir novel cover or 70'/80's sci-fi cover feel - I can almost smell the yellowed pages that have been hidden in the back shelves of an old used bookstore somewhere. :)

You can see more details in the other edits at the TAG blog link if you're interested.

Apparently he intends to re-do the idea with a whole different art direction at some point. I'd be curious to see that too, though it's been a while since this was posted and I can't find any update.

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  1. Thanks. I always enjoying running across this when I google my art.