Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Mirror Mirror" TV Trailer: Focusing On Opposites

I only recently saw the TV #2 spot trailer for Mirror Mirror (see end of post to view) and was struck by the interesting use of opposites: height, perspective, expectations, color etc and reflections. It's quite interesting and I finally understood why they stuck with the film's title which focuses on reflections and images.

Now I'm looking for it, I can see this theme through all the other trailers released, though it's far more subtle. Almost every official movie poster, even the foreign ones, can be neatly split in half (just look how exactly face-on the characters in the middle of the poster always are - even the dwarves at the bottom), and within each poster there are further uses of opposites and/or reflections in design.

The one below that isn't so exactly balanced, still makes a clear use of opposites (foreground, background, negative space, age, youth, color contrast) and mirrors too. There are reflections of color, pose, attitude and concept. It's pretty neat.

A movie that explores the Snow White story by juxtaposing elements both internal and external throughout would be very interesting to me and actually have a lot to say...

Have I been missing the obvious all this time?

Have a look at the trailer with this concept of opposites and reflections in mind and you'll see what I mean:

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  1. The idea of opposites, and juxtapositon, is fundamental in religion and philosophy - high/low, good/evil, sun/moon, male/female; the list is endless. The idea is that you can't conceive of, or have, one without the other.

    Beauty and the Beast constrasts beauty with horror; and you might contrast female emotionality with male rationality.

    The mirror is also an important theme, though it has a different meaning to juxtapositon. The mirror is more like the mirror of Galadriel, or the mirror of the Lady of Shalott (which cracks). It's like a window onto the world, which is reflecting the viewer's own unrecognised thoughts.

    The very first image at the top of your post shows - the feminine on the left (it normally is), and the aggressive masculine, with weapon, on the right. In the middle, Julia Roberts, is a 'mediator'.