Friday, March 9, 2012

Elle Fanning in Talks For "Maleficent"s Aurora

Nothing is confirmed. Everything is in the negotiation stage but it does appear that Elle Fanning has been approached regarding the role of Aurora in Maleficent. (Listen to me! I've read so many Hollywood buzz columns it's beginning to rub off! *shudder*) 
Who knows how solid this idea is right now but the girl is gorgeous, seriously talented and could easily play opposite Angelina Jolie. 
Can you see Elle as the next Sleeping Beauty?


  1. She won me over in "Super 8". Loved the relationship between her and Joe. She's delightful and the perfect age...unless they take another 10 years to negotiate.

  2. @Kim Kincaid I'm won too. This seems to be rolling into production fast now. The potential dollars with the current fairy tale focus are definitely calling to Disney.. ;) and I'm not complaining about that. :)

  3. I enjoy seeing Elle Fanning in movies but I am not so sure I would give her such an iconic role. I actually believe the actress who should play Sleeping Beauty should be a little older than Elle.

  4. @Anonymous I hesitated at the age factor too but Elle turns 14 in just a few days and Maleficent's spell is supposed to happen on her 16th birthday so she has to be younger than 16 for the movie. With her acting ability it won't be hard to make her appear both slightly younger and slightly older as required. We're so used to seeing late teens played by early 20-somethings and 20-somethings played by almost-30 year olds on TV I think our view of teens (and 20's!) has gotten a little skewed. I included the pose "proof sheet" of Elle Fanning above to show a little of her range. When you compare these photos so actual 16 year olds she fits in well. It's kind of scary...