Saturday, March 24, 2012

NBC's Grimm Picked Up For 2nd Season

News I forgot to post from last week:

From hitfix:
NBC has announced that they're renewing the Friday drama "Grimm" for a second season.
...Going head-to-head with similarly themed sci-fi/fantasy shows "Fringe" and "Supernatural," "Grimm" has maintained a healthy following in the ratings. 
Good for them! More fairy tale based entertainment for us. I'm curious to see how the second season develops. Will it weave in a layered story and bring us a modern reworking of myths and fairy tales? Will it mine a little deeper from fairy tales and give us some new takes on old? Or will it be more of a solid, steady procedural drama with a supernatural element?

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  1. Grimm is some great TV for sure and I just wanted to stop by and let all the fans know about a place where they can go to watch it again for free, and that’s at As a DISH customer and employee, I found out just a little while ago that this show was available to view there. If I ever miss this show on TV (like I did a few weeks ago) I know where I can catch up on it, and I’m glad people have options to see TV shows they missed. I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode!