Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Update on Various Live Action 'Little Mermaid's

This post is not about the Disney live action in the making. That's only recently been confirmed as a legitimate project and everything around it is very hush, hush at present. As we all know, however, there are others in the works...

In particular, we have been very interested in the live action movie by a different studio, Universal, said to follow Hans Christian Andersen's story much more faithfully, which originally had Sofia Coppola attached to direct. (We are sadly certain it would have been amazing... sigh.)

It's been in the works a long time now and has looked so promising, so often, only to have continual setbacks. Coppola resigning was a big blow to high hopes across the board for a truly interesting film (especially after the first casting of a transgender supermodel Andrej Pejic as one of the mermaid sisters). She cited creative differences, especially with regard to wanting to cast an unknown in the lead role. Most recently in September, Chloe Grace Moretz, chosen to star in the title role by the following (and currently attached) director, Rebecca Thomas, also quit the project (and many others), for personal reasons. (The Moretz pictures in this post are from her Facebook earlier this year, showing her initial enthusiasm for the project.)
Chloe Grace Moretz
With the movie originally planned for release in 2017, up till as late as the middle of this year, what's happening with it now? It's a little difficult to tell. much of the original information has disappeared, even from general production news and casting sites. Director Rebecca Thomas, is still attached and while there's been no official word on Pejic pulling out, she's no longer listed as attached either, but that's all that seems to be confirmed.

It gets confusing quickly with at least two other indie Little Mermaids set to release in 2017, not to mention that Disney has now confirmed they'll be doing a live action adaptation of their own animated classic.

The most interesting of the films, at present, is family film adaptation by MVP, with Poppy Drayton (The Shannara Chronicles) starring as the mermaid, and film legend Shirley McLaine. Here's the description:
Poppy Drayton, promo pic
for The Little Mermaid
(The) story follows a young orphan (Peralta) who discovers a beautiful and enchanting creature (played by Drayton) she believes to be the real “Little Mermaid.” MacLaine portrays Eloise, an eccentric woman who has intimate knowledge of the story. 
“We’re thrilled to be launching MVP Studios with ‘A Little Mermaid,’ a magical adventure that uses the beloved fairy tale as its jumping off point, but is an all-new story with all-new characters that the entire family can enjoy,” the producers said in a statement.
While it sounds like a fun fantasy film for the family, it seems doubtful this will have Little Mermaid fans as excited as they could be, since neither the plot of HCA's fairy tale will be followed, nor will it reflect the Disney film.

What it does tell us, though, is that there is a lot of mermaid and water-folk buzz in the film industry at present. Between all the various adaptations, a selkie film, Disney confirming their live action adaptation and the announcement that Disney/Touchstone's Splash is getting a remake (why?), we're set for much water magic at the box office in the next couple of years.

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