Thursday, September 8, 2016

Timeless Tales Magazine Update (The Snow Queen Is Coming!)

Troll Mirror by Kiri Leonard
I wanted to let you know that Timeless Tales Magazine remains our intrepid partner through good times and bad, and we couldn't be more pleased to support this wonderful and unique publication.

Timeless Tales Magazine has continued to have a very active Facebook page HERE and, of course, you will be getting updates on all the Timeless Tales Magazine news here too.

Their Editor, Tahlia Merrill, will continue to wrangle our Once Upon A Blog Book Review Team as needed - at least when she's not up to her ears in worthy submissions for TT's latest issue...

... which is where she is right now!
Submissions for the Snow Queen issue have closed and Timeless Tales have just announced the publishing date of this special fairy tale issue to be November 3rd. (We can't wait!)

In the meantime, you can help decide what the theme for Issue #8 will be!

The options are:

  • Norse Mythology
  • Arthurian Legends
  • Egyptian Mythology
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights (aka 1001 Nights)

Talk about tough choices. We want a full issue for each one!

The place to cast your vote is linked below. Just click on the banner:

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