Sunday, September 25, 2016

Short: "The Seven Red Hoods - Taupes"

This short film has nothing to do with Snow White, yet at the same time it's a completely delightful tribute.

This is more akin to Maria and the Seven Robbers (an Italian variation of Snow White) because this is actually a fun little crime story, (and not in the "Evil Queen has murderous intent" manner), with a Snow White twist. It would also work well as a very different beginning to the second act of Snow White, where she meets the dwarfs.

The designs have clear nods to the Disney film, as do some of the layouts, and the anthropomorphic animals add a humorous touch. Even a couple of the sequences echo the story, but not in a way you've seen before. We also loved the modeling - great mix of 3D and 2D techniques, giving it a storybook feel, while still obviously contemporary. It's clear why it made the Vimeo Staff Pick list.

We also thought it made for a delightful weekend watch. (Note: it's French but has English subtitles. Taupes is translated as Moles, unless we have misconstrued the meaning entirely.) 

We could have stayed much longer in this delightful world and hope to see more from this team soon.

A short film by Leo Verrier produced by Eddy and Arte Channel
Music: Pablo Pico
Sound: AOC
Models: Martine Lafont
Character Design: Maxime Mary
Anime Director: Jean-Baptiste Cumont

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