Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Timeless Tales Magazine Celebrates 1 000 Facebook Fans with a Royal Makeover

Here's some great news from Timeless Tales Magazine's Editor, Tahlia Merrill. See her personal message below: 
   We're celebrating hitting 1,000 fans in a big way! 

All summer we've been seeing the number of our facebook fans increase, thanks to our crazy talented social media dragon tamer, Carina Bissett. We're so excited about all our new readers and wanted to celebrate in a BIG way. So all this week, we'll be opening our basket of goodies and sharing the treats with you. 

Let's start with the biggest reveal first...*drumroll*...

A royal makeover for our Pandora's Box issue:

I can't even begin to tell you how lucky we are to have found Ugly Tree Graphic Designs to help us design a 2nd Edition for this issue. 

First off, let me show you the gorgeous new cover:
Previous readers of this issue have had to endure clunky formatting and a sad lack of graphics, which is why we asked Ugly Tree to redesigned the entire issue, including a complete overhaul of all the pages. For the first time ever, our stories look like something you'd find in an actual magazine.
But wait, there's MORE!

Thanks to Write Jobs each story is now fitted with a custom designed mini-cover:
You can read all our Pandora's Box retellings in their newly restored glory HERE.

What do you guys, think? We're hoping it's not only our most attractive issue yet, but also the most user-friendly. If you notice anything that is less that ideal, though, that we may have missed, please email me (Tahlia) with your feedback at timelesstalesmagazine@gmail.com

There's even more new stuff on the website that we'll be blogging about later this week. Stay tuned!
Tahlia Merrill
Editor Timeless Tales Magazine

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