Friday, September 30, 2016

Breaking News: A First (Real) Look at Disney's New Belle and the Beast

Looks like we're boarding the ramp-up to the release! The first real picture of  the live action Beast is out, via Stitch Kingdom, as is a look at Belle in her provincial dress (see below) and her ball gown.

Note: at the time of this posting - about 12 hours after the release (leak?) Stitch Kingdom does not seem to be hosting hi-res versions as originally indicated. We can't find any official notice to back up that these were officially released as the post said so we apologize that no more info is currently available. Once on the internet, though, forever out there...

Reactions are, to say the least, mixed. Generally people love Belle's common garb but her ball look is less liked across the board. As for the Beast, a lot of people are having issues with the Legend-ish nature (think Tim Curry) of those horns.
Either way, it's a solid indication of what the film will look like, but when things move, they do look very different and we've been promised some altering of the story to fit the live action (real people) medium, as opposed to animation. In animation you can get away with a lot more but when things are represented live, sometimes things can hit a little close to home.

We will admit we do like the costuming though - both for the Beast and Belle as shown in these two pics.

So what do you think? Still excited?


  1. That is a lot of horn on the Beast, but I think they had to make them pronounced or it would just look like another Cocteau-ish Beast. Otherwise, I don't mind. I rarely get worked up about costuming anyway, especially when it largely pertains to women's dresses.

  2. I like it. As with other movies that turned cartoons into real life characters, it's hard to tell whether the final result will be creepy or classic as to the beast. The costuming looks pretty faithful to the original production.

  3. I love Belle's ballgown!!! The bodice has a Jane Austen/Pride and Prejudice quality to it. And I love the fact that the skirt is not big and poffy, like it tends to be in stage productions. To me it's elegant yet really simple which sometimes goes a long way.